Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fruits & Passion 2011 Warehouse Sale Haul

This is what the packaging is like when you leave the sale. A clear bag with the company's name on it, tied up. Security will normally check your receipt, which is stapled to your bag to see if it matches with the items, much like how Costco does.

Cucina - Hand Soap 10th Anniversary 475 ml (Scent = Coriander and Olive Tree)
This is the 10th anniversary, limited edition glass hand soap bottle created for the occasion. While it does come in other scents, this was the only scent available at the warehouse sale. 
Retail price - $24.00
Warehouse price - $9.99

Cucina - Foaming Hand Wash refill 1L (Scent = Fig and Savory Flower)
If you are looking for a refill for your foaming hand wash bottle, this is great value. I find that foaming hand wash refills are a bit more difficult to come by. This is a biodegradable formula. Although these refills come in a variety of scents, this seemed to be the only scent available at the warehouse sale, unless other scents were just sold out. As well, a little disappointed that there was only foaming hand wash refills available at the sale. I had inquired with a couple of the workers whether there were any regular hand wash refills available and they had confirmed that it was not sold out, it was just not at the sale at all. 
Retail price - $30.00
Warehouse price - $8.99

Cucina Al Fresco - Glass Cleaner 500 ml (Scent = Limoncello)
This is an ammonia free, eco-friendly and biodegradable glass cleaner. This was the only scent available at the warehouse sale. 
Retail price - $9.00
Warehouse price - $3.99

Overall Impressions:
I was really hoping for some gift sets for the holidays, but unfortunately there were very few and the ones that were available were small sets, such as body wash with body butter. As well, room sprays were something i was looking forward to and that was something that i had not seen at all. There was not a large selection of products to choose from nor were the products available in all the scents, but the prices of what was there was pretty good value. As a result, I would attend again. It helped that the room in which the Fruits and Passion sale was located was shared with the Parasuco sale. As well, as luck would have it, a definite bonus is that the International Centre (where the Fruits and Passion sale took place) normally has various sales occurring in different halls and luckily that weekend the Umbra sale was happening at the same time too! YAY!

Check out what you missed out on at the Fruits & Passion sale...

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I just love shopping. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.

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