Monday, December 5, 2011

Luxe Box & Glymm & Topbox OH MY!

Similar to Dorothy, I find myself in the wonderful & mysterious world of... DELUXE BEAUTY SAMPLE BOXES!!! Imagine receiving a mystery package every month containing a random assortment of beauty products. Very mysterious and exciting!

Where it started
I was introduced to the service through a close friend of mine but I remember first hearing about it when BirchBox came out with the idea in the US. It took a while but the idea eventually caught on in Canada and blessed us with three sample box services.

Glymm, Luxe Box and Topbox are currently the only companies that I know of, offering sample box subscriptions in Canada. Having to choose between the three was way too difficult, that I ended up subscribing to all three instead.

Getting started
Simply visit their website and fill out a beauty profile that will help the company customize a sample box to best match you. Randomly, every month you’ll receive a box containing 4-5 samples (with at least 1 of those being a full-size product it seems) that are hand picked specifically for you based on the survey you filled out.

The costs
You can choose to subscribe for a year, a few months or just go month to month. Pricing can range from $10-$12 a month with shipping already included in the price. If you like trying new products and receiving a well deserved surprise every month than subscribe to a sample box service today!


You can get an idea of what to expect from each of these sample boxes by visiting my reviews:
Luxe Box

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