Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Topbox December 2011 Review

Delivery packaging:
It comes in a cylinder tube shape, wrapped in brown paper delivered through CanadaPost, with tracking. Only thing that made it feel a bit insecure was that the delivery paper that it was wrapped in wasn't sealed or secured in any way. The paper was just wrapped and pushed in on the top and bottom. How would I know if someone hadn't tampered with it and just rewrapped it to deliver to me?

Packaging itself:
Instead of coming in a typical square box, the cylinder shape is quite unique. Looks like it's made out of brown cardboard with wrapping paper that looks like wallpaper wrapped around it. One end is white while the other is black. Definitely reusable, as a pencil case or container stand perhaps? Good for using as packaging for gifting too since branding isn't on it. The packaging gives a very cool and retro-ish vibe. Simplistic, yet pretty. I like!

Inside packaging:
Items come with purple tissue paper inside the cylinder. I suppose the tissue paper is used to keep it wrapped up and from moving around too much. At the bottom of the cylinder, there is black crinkled paper strips. For protection and decoration most likely?

Items inside the box:
  1. Topbox card: includes a message from Topbox to subscriber and gives descriptions of all products included. 
  2. Advertisement card with 1000 Shoppers Optimum bonus points (with the purchase of SkinPrep FX at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale locations) 
  3. Cover FX - SkinPrep FX Primer (full size 30ml retail: $45.00) - 2.5 ml / .085 fl oz SAMPLE 
  4. Dr. Brandt - Collagen Eye Serum (full size 0.50oz. retail: $65.00) - 7 ml / 0.24 fl oz SAMPLE 
  5. SkinCeuticals - Hydrating B5 Gel (full size 30ml retail: $78.00) - amount equivalent to approx. 3-4 sample perfume vials SAMPLE 
  6. Cargo Cosmetics - Blu-ray Gloss with Timestrip Technology (full size retail: $25.00) - *FULL SIZE* 

Topbox Card

Cargo Cosmetics - Blu-ray Gloss with Timestrip Technology (Colour Name = Alexandria)

Dr. Brandt - Collagen Eye Serum

Cover FX - SkinPrep FX Primer

SkinCeuticals - Hydrating B5 Gel

Overall Impressions:
This being my first Topbox delivery, I am quite happy with the company itself with how the tube was prepared and speed of delivery. I really like how Topbox is packaged uniquely, it's just too cute! As well, I had subscribed to all 3 sample box companies at the same time and Topbox was the first to be delivered. Yay!

With the December 2011 Topbox samples itself though, I was a bit disappointed. I do still like the samples, but I feel that they weren't as customized to me as I hoped it would be. Majority of the samples were anti-aging products and that wasn't my beauty concern at all. I did write to the company in regards to this and I am  happy to say that their response time was quite speedy (within 1 business day). They told me that it is not always anti-aging samples included and that the lip colour was customized for me. They assured me that the next box will not have any anti-aging items in it, so I am quite looking forward to what I can expect in the new year!

Rating: B

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.

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