Saturday, December 10, 2011

Umbra 2011 Warehouse Sale - How to Spot Seasoned Veteran Shoppers

There were many different shoppers at the Umbra 2011 Sale in Toronto. Some shoppers seemed new to the idea of event shopping while others really showed off their feathers as they dominated the event.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in order to fully appreciate this photo we are going to need about a thousand words to explain what exactly is going on in this photo.

Tell tale signs of a seasoned veteran shopper:
  1. Quantity of goods - The easiest way to spot a pro is the amount of goods they have. 
  2. Quality of goods - Notice that brownish bin in the middle of a sea of curtain rods. That bin is a 60 gallon bin going for only $10 or possibly $7 if it was a Flippa. I noticed that most of the bins had imperfections most likely due to abuse at the sale. The only exception was the brownish 60 gallon bin. Leading me to believe they are looking at quality of an item vs the quantity.
  3. King Crab Theory - Almost everyone there had curtain rails and the more you had the more you stood out.
  4. Number of carts - A normal individual can only handle a single cart due to congestion and the fact that leaving a cart unattended will result in your cart being picked apart by vultures.
  5. Team - We can conclude that this is a team operation based on the number of carts. With one person left to guard the goods it allows everyone else to spread out and scavenge for other great deals.
  6. Location - What couldn't be seen in this photo is the location they have to chosen to set up base camp. The location is exactly the mid point between the front and back half of the bins and the half way point to the checkout. The shortest distance between 2 points is a line potentially making the act of hauling back any good less taxing.
  7. Dumpster - Being situated close to a dumpster affords the team the ability to discard any new or existing item without wasting time trying to locate appropriate bin to put the item back in.
  8. Attire - Anything that slows you down could cost you an amazing deal at an event. If you need to dive into a bin to get to the bottom but you're worried about soiling your expensive clothes then you know you haven't dressed for the event. Long live The Grey Sweatsuit revolution
  9. BYOC - I only noticed it after I went to process this photo for the site. Notice that chair beside the grey sweatsuit man. That isn't a chair that they picked up at the sale and sat on. That's a Costco Elite Black & Grey folding chair model #181037 retailing for $13.99. Who ever made that chair figured out a way to harness the power of the chair shown at the end of the video below. Only a seasoned veteran would bring their own chair.

You can usually find season veteran's parked along the walls of an event sorting through their goods.

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