Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glymm Butter London Purchase with Free RMS Beauty Lip Shine

My Glymm purchase just arrived today! Woohoo! As I had mentioned in my Glymm Box January 2012 review, after receiving a promotional card with the Glymm box, I purchased the super cute Butter London nail polish holiday set that I had been eyeing. Even though I so do NOT need more nail polishes, the promotion was too good to pass up. By entering in the promo code HAPPY2012 at checkout, valid on purchases from the Beauty Boutique from January 15, 2012 through January 31, 2012, an RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom was included with your order absolutely FREE. The fact that it was while quantities last and a $25 value won me over.

As usual, the items were delivered by CanadaPost, with tracking, in the pink rectangular cardboard box, as per Glymm's norm. The items were well packaged in a ton of white crinkled paper strips, to protect the products and keep it from moving around I suppose. From the time of purchase to delivery, the shipping was quite speedy from Glymm.

The free RMS Beauty lip shine is so adorable. Organic is always nice and really there is quite a bit of weight to it. I'm assuming that it's from the glass bottom of the jar that adds this weight. I like it and the colour is just SO PRETTY!

Of course, I just LOVE the Butter London nail polish set I got. I really have a thing for Butter London right now. The bottles, colours and names are just so beautiful. It is quite pricey though for nail polish I suppose. Whereas you can get drug store varieties from $4-$5 and salon brands like OPI from $10+, the Butter London ones are like $17 a pop. I guess that's the price of them being 3 Free - No Formaldehyde, No toluene, and No DBP (Phthales). The only minor issue I had was that the "Tart with a Heart" colour wasn't exactly true to what the photo displayed. Whereas the Glymm website had it as being more pinky,

as you can see from my photos below, my bottle was not very pink at all. Seemed more on the gold-ish side, even though the description had it as being "pale pink parade of glitter". Oh well, it's ok, I don't mind it much. The other 2 colours were true to the colours as depicted. Just wanted to let whoever's interested in "Tart with a Heart" to know that you might not be getting what you're expecting. Really, the colour is still gorgeous, it's just so similar to an OPI glitter nail polish that i have and am currently wearing right now, that i'm a bit sad about losing out on the pinky glitter.

Overall, i'm really happy with my purchase. These 2 brands aren't the easiest to find and the fact that you are able to earn and redeem Glymm points makes it worthwhile to purchase from Glymm. This is especially true when they have promotions going on. Two birds with one stone. Yay!

RMS Beauty - Lip Shine (colour = Bloom)
(Retail price: $25.00  Size: 0.20 oz. / 5.67g)

Butter London - Limited Edition Holiday 2011 (3 nail polish set)
(Retail price: $51.00/set  Bottle size: 0.4 fl. oz. / 11ml)

Colours = The Black Knight / Fairy Lights / Tart with a Heart

What I like about the Butter London nail polish is the bottle design. On more than one occasion I've been asked to open an OPI nail polish bottle which can be extremely difficult to open at times. The problem lies with OPI's product design. It has a smooth finish all the way around and adding to the problem is a very small gripping area. Making it extremely difficult to get a good grip and crank it open if the bottle has somehow fused with the nail polish.

This is where Butter London's bottle design really shines. The nail polish applicator has ridges all the way around providing an uneven surface which will yield more friction and ultimately more leverage when trying to open the bottle. In the event that you are still unable to budge the applicator loose. The oversized lid, in the above photo, has four 45° angles on the inside of the lid that fit perfectly into the ridges of the applicator. Giving you an even greater amount of leverage when trying to pry open a bottle of nail polish.

So the next time you try to open a Butter London try twisting the lid vs the applicator first. Once you've cranked the seal open simply remove the lid and then continue to unscrew the applicator with your fingers.

The other functional design I liked about the Butter London nail polish was the square design which is very reminiscent to a bottle of Johnnie Walker. I've always favoured boxier designs simply because they are easier to stack and they utilize more of the available space.

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