Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glymm for Men aka GlymmMAN

UPDATE: Subscriptions are open (Glymm Man (aka Glymm for Men) Membership Subscription)

As you can tell from the site, I like subscribing to the monthly beauty sample boxes that are available in Canada right now. To my surprise, I get an email from Glymm today in regards to GlymmMAN. It's the Glymm box for MEN!!!

The difference between the male and female version seems to be that the male version is named a "Grooming Box" while the female version is "Glymm Box". As well, while the female version comes out monthly with 4-5 deluxe samples, the Grooming Box will be  mailed out quarterly, with 7-8 products. Subscription is not available at this moment, so pricing, exact details and more information is still quite limited. At this time, all we can do is enter an email address to join the waitlist.

It's nice of Glymm to not leave the guys out in the cold with these boxes because i'm sure guys like trying new stuff and getting things in the mail too. Now, I won't have to feel so bad being the only one who gets to receive surprise presents in the mail every month. Let's hope for Conner's sake that the wait list won't take too long =)

You can check out the website and join the waitlist at

UPDATE: Price is $20.00 / quarter, though still unable to subscribe

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