Monday, January 16, 2012

Men's T-Shirt Converted to a Woman's T-Shirt

One of the biggest reasons why I didn't donate any of my old clothes is because of this video. I came across this video by accident when doing searches on prototyping and it really got me thinking about other applications. Such as taking an XXXL shirt and modifying it to a smaller sized Shirt. I've got a lot of great looking graphic T-shirts that I don't wear anymore that I could modify for Connie.

Connie drags me out on a lot of shopping expeditions and over time I've started noticing a pattern during sales. Usually you'll find an abundance of large sizes on sale but sometimes it could be the smaller sizes. Let's say it's the former and you have the necessary skills to convert the XXL or XXXL shirt into an XL, L, M or even a S size shirt.

In the end you will still have shirt even if they are out of your size and you can even modify it to your tastes (fitted or loose). You'll get it on a much lower cost than if you paid full retail for it and depending on the size you are working with; you might end up with leftover material to make something else.

Another option is to find a friend who knows how to sew and throw them in a hot and sweaty back room to do all the work for a few bucks an hour OR get a kid like this to do your sewing projects :P

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