Friday, January 20, 2012

Timothy K-Cup Facebook Giveaway Arrives

Luckily, the Timothy's K-Cup giveaway fiasco ended up surprisingly better than expected for me today. I was losing all hope that it was ever going to show up, and truthfully, i just put it out of my mind, but low and behold it ends up showing up at my front door today!

When I had signed up for the promotion, I was under the impression that it was just a single assorted pumpkin/decaf k-cup box that I would be receiving. My reading comprehension must not have been that great at the time because what ended up arriving was:

2 x 24 k-cup pack of Perfectly Pumpkin
2 x 24 k-cup pack of Sweet Summer Raspberry

A grand total of 96 k-cups or $69.80! (a value of $17.45 per box)

Originally, the promotion was for the Perfectly Pumpkin and Decaf Columbian flavor, but it must have been the Decaf they ran out of since they substituted in Sweet Summer Raspberry. Which is fine by me since anything is more preferable than Decaf.

If you were lucky enough to actually receive this giveaway, it really is an amazing one! It's much more than expected and it is no wonder that they ran out of stock. I'm sure that if they had only given one box per household, the giveaway would've reached a lot more people and not have created as much of a backlash for them. Giving out just one box would have been great. Giving out 4 was absolutely AMAZING!

If you would like to read more about the fiasco itself, you can click on the link below:

I read one person's comment on facebook stating they will not buy anything from this company ever again. I'm going to sound like I'm on a high horse by saying this but the whole backlash/fiasco thing is such a joke. Bear in mind I did not know about this up until now. So I'm looking at this through a 3rd party view and I have 2 Nespresso machines that I use daily. So the whole idea of me benefiting from this is mute.

In regards to the email confirmations and the following news of a shortage. To me that's like trying to get a popular item on during boxing day, before they had the queue system, or checking out your shopping cart on Birks online sale and getting notified later on that they have run out of stock on that particular item. Sure, it is an inconvenience but that's not something I would warrant boycotting or requiring a form of compensation for my inconvenience.

The funny thing about people commenting about it being a scam for personal information is that they would probably give away that information again to another contest that offered the same kinds or rewards. With any contests it is implied, even if it isn't written, that there is going to be a first come first served policy or random drawing. I remember a time where we tried to get into a free screening of Bruno and didn't get there in time. Personal information was passed along but alas we weren't able to make it in time. I blamed it on home court advantage as it was downtown and we were uptown. What I didn't do was blame Sacha Baron Cohen or the organizing company in charge for the lack of spots available by calling it a scam.

The whole social media thing is a bit much or the joke about openings for social media positions. Regardless if they used facebook to employ their contest, if it is a good contest it will find its way into social media. Paul Cubbon says, “With social media you need to respond in hours, not days and weeks, A month is glacial.” and to that I respond with this video by Louis CK. Let's stop being the s#%!est generation that is always seeking instant gratification.

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