Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glymm Box February 2012 Review

Delivery packaging:
My February 2012 Glymm box has finally arrived! The last of my beauty sample box subscriptions for the month of February. Normally Glymm arrives a bit earlier, but they did well in regards to sending out notification of the delay due to one of their brand partners. The packaging arrives as expected, in their signature pink cardboard delivery box sent by CanadaPost, with tracking.

Packaging itself:
The Glymm box continues to arrive in such girly feminine packaging in their glossy pink rectangular box, with Glymm ribbon handwriting on the top lid. The products arrive wrapped up in white tissue, tied with a pretty white ribbon, with pink Glymm brand throughout. It really is such a pretty pink and white theme they have going on.

Items inside the box:

  1. Glymm February 2012 Edition card: gives a description of all items included in the box
  2. GlamGlow card: gives information about the GlamGlow product and provides a promotion code "SUPERSEXY" redeemable online at Exclusive offer of GlamGlow for $50 instead of reg. $78. Offer exclusive to Glymm members and expires at 3PM EST on March 12, 2012.
  3. Mai Couture - 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier (full size 100 sheets retail: $24.00) - 2 sheet SAMPLE
  4. Burt's Bees - Tinted Lip Balm (full size 4.25g retail: $7.99) - *FULL SIZE* 
  5. Sula - Natural Creme Eye Shadow (full size 4.5g / 0.15 oz. retail: $8.00) - *FULL SIZE* 
  6. GlamGlow - Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask (full size 50ml retail: $78.00) - 7ml / 0.24 oz. SAMPLE

Glymm February 2012 Edition card

GlamGlow card

Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (colour name = Tiger Lily)

Sula Natural Creme Eye Shadow (colour name = He Loves Me)

GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask


Ending box packaging:
At the end of the box, we see that the products were lying on a bed of white crinkled paper strips. While the outer packaging of Glymm box was a lovely pink, the box inside as well as all the packing such as crinkles, tissue and ribbon was a nice white contrast. It's always a little sad when it ends. On the bright side, can't wait for the March box! =)      

Overall Thoughts:
For some reason, the February 2012 Glymm box seems like there's less things in it this month. Maybe it just seems this way due to them including less paper/cards than usual. While their website says they include 4-5 deluxe samples, normally they do include 5+ products. For this month's box, Glymm did include only 4 items, but 2 of these items are actual FULL SIZE items, so it's understandable why the box itself seems less full.

The products that were included for February 2012 was pretty good. I like that they included 2 full size products. It makes the value in the box seem as though there is more worth. As well, by giving you full size products, it allows for you to see how effective the product actually is since there's more than enough for you to try out. The only downside being if the product isn't suitable for your use, such as colours you wouldn't use or if the product isn't relevant to your needs. Though I suppose that since it's a full size product, it makes it easier to regift or share with others.

I like the Burt's Bees Lip Balm that was included. It was practical, usable and came in such a pretty colour. Only thing that I found a little strange was that it used such a large packaging tube when it contained a regular size lip balm stick. The other full size product included was the Sula Creme Eye Shadow and the colour I received was quite usable. It's a shimmery dusky rose/brown hue and though I have similar eye shadows in that shade, I don't believe I have one in a creme formula so it'll be fun to try. The Mai Couture Blotting/Bronzing Papier is the size of a regular blotter sheet. One side is a matte white/beige-ish colour while the other is a shimmery bronze brown colour. Not too sure how this product would work, but i'll experiment and figure it out somehow. Final product included is the GlamGlow. The product itself is the colour of most mud mask, a greeny-grey colour. From the looks of it, the sample would probably be good for 2, maybe 3 uses depending how much you apply. I think it really would have made a difference to this Glymm box if they had added their special touch of including their sweet jar of Jelly Belly jelly bean treats. Maybe they have decided to cut the Jelly Belly jar completely from the Glymm box for 2012. I really hope not though. I MISS you Jelly Belly jar! =(

Rating: A-

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.


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