Saturday, March 31, 2012

GlossyBox Canada March 2012 Review

Finally! GlossyBox Canada March 2012 edition has arrived. It has arrived VERY late this month, though they had emailed subscribers in regards to the delay so it's good that GlossyBox had kept us in the loop. The delivery method used is CanadaPost and it arrives in it's signature dark chocolate brown rectangular cardboard box with pastel pink GlossyBox logos all over it. The box within the delivery box is their smooth pale pink box with black GlossyBox logo in the centre of the top lid. I love the colour theme that GlossBox uses! =)

Items inside the box:
  1. GlossyBox card: one side has a welcome message, while the other side gives a description of all products included in the box
  2. Sebastian booklet: provides product and application information
  3. Pandora's promotional card: offers GlossyBox clients 40% off when shopping at 
  4. Aveeno - Daily Moisturizing Lotion (full size 354ml retail: $11.99) - 71ml SAMPLE
  5. Bailey - Fresh Lip Gloss (full size 8g retail: $28.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  6. Evian - Brumisateur Facial Spray (full size retail: 50ml/$7.00, 150ml/$12.00, 300ml/17.50) - *50ml FULL SIZE*
  7. Pandora's - Blush (full size 4g / 0.14 oz. retail: $18.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  8. Sebastian - Re-Shaper Hairspray (full size 43g / 1.5 oz. retail: $19.95) - *TRAVEL FULL SIZE*          Update: GlossyBox had a typo on their description card and the actual full size 300g retail: $19.95. The  travel full size 43g retail: $6.00. (Thanks to the correction provided by Samantha)
  9. Algemarin - Foam Bath (full size retail: 5 x 5ml/$3.99, 500ml/$17.99, 750ml/$23.95) - 15ml / 0.5 fl. oz. SAMPLE *Bonus*
  10.  Update: GlossyBox had a typo on their description card and the actual size of the 5/$3.99 is 15ml not  5ml. (Thanks to the correction provided by Samantha)

GlossyBox card

Sebastian booklet

Pandora's promotional card

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Bailey Fresh Lip Gloss (colour name = Berry)

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Pandora's Blush (colour name = St. Tropez)

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray

Algemarin Foam Bath

Ending box packaging: 
We've come to the end of the GlossyBox for March 2012! We see that GlossyBox had kept up their colour theme for the packaging by filling the box with black crinkled paper strips, black matte tissue paper and using a pretty blush pink ribbon to tie everything together. Upon emptying the box, the inside is dark with the GlossyBox logo printed all over in pink as compared to the outside white is pink, with a single black logo. The box is really well made and has a nice matte feel to it. Packaging wise, GlossyBox rocks!

Overall Thoughts:
GlossyBox Canada March 2012 has finally arrived today! I was getting a bit worried because even though they had sent out an email in regards to there being a delay, we're basically into April now. It's great that they gave subscribers a heads up about the delay and that they tried to compensate for it by offering 250 Glossydots, but receiving the box on basically the last day of March was really quite late in the game.

- Message from GlossyBox
Our Shipping Dates and a thank you for being GLOSSY

Dear Glossies,

We understand that it has been disappointing that your March GLOSSYBOX has not already arrived. Thanks to your feedback we have revised our website to indicate that shipping times may vary if we encounter unexpected delays. In this particular instance, some products were delayed in customs and we wanted to make sure that all the boxes were full of excellent products before we popped them in the mail.
We sincerely apologize and as a token of our appreciation for your patience, loyalty and feedback, we will be giving everyone with a GLOSSYBOX customer account 250 GLOSSYDOTS by the end of this week. We know you will absolutely love your beauty-packed box, but we wanted to show you a little extra love too!

Stay glossy, 

The GlossyBox itself is pretty good this month. I don't know if it was due to the extra time they had in getting the boxes prepared to be sent out or if it was due to the delay that made them provide a better box but either way, I like this box a LOT more than the 1st box that came out from GlossyBox Canada last month (February 2012).

The Evian Facial Spray is a product that I've wanted to try for a while since I saw it in some magazines. Normally I use MAC Charged Water skin hydrating mist as a refresher/setter, so we'll see how the Evian compares. I've heard of the Bailey's brand before but don't believe I've had the opportunity to try it so this is a nice way to test out another brand. Only thing about the Bailey lip gloss was that while it has a very sleek and clean look to it since it doesn't have much writing on it, the amount included in it and the colour name wasn't on it. I'm only able to determine that this is full size in comparison to other full size lip glosses and I had to do an online search to make sure I received the Berry lip gloss shade. The Pandora blush has such pretty packaging. Not to sure about the colour though, but I really do like the fact that they're Canadian. The Algemarin foam bath is the only brand in this box that I've never heard of. Nice size package and since it's a product of Germany, I'm assuming it's good. The Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray is a full size item, though really it looks like a deluxe size sample or travel size. I would probably not purchase it for full price since quantity wise, it doesn't seem like that great of a value. (Update: After having Samantha kindly inform me that GlossyBox had made a typo mistake on their description card and that the Sebastian hairspray provided is actually a travel size and not a full size, the price for it seems to be on par with other brands and depending on how it performs, the value is there). This could be just a preference thing since really I don't care too much for hairspray and such since I don't do much with my hair.  It's too long and I'm too lazy when it comes to styling it. Though really, the size they provided is great for travelling.

Looking at the products provided in this month's March 2012 box, GlossyBox included a good mix of items ranging from hair, makeup and skincare. The size and quantity of the samples were were great too. With 4 full size products included this month, it's so much better than not receiving any full size from last month's introductory GlossyBox Canada box, I'm really quite happy with this box! I would have rated this box an A+, but unfortunately, do to the shipping issue I'm going to have to take that into consideration for my rating.

Rating: A

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.


  1. You take such lovely pictures of your subscription boxes! I just use my iphone camera! I found out that they made a couple typo mistakes. One being that they claim our hairspray is $19.95 for 45 g, when in fact it's $19.95 for 300 g. The travel size that we recieved has a retail value of $6.

    1. Thanks! It's really Conner who's doing the great job with taking the pix, when he's not so lazy of course. lol. Like I said on your site, your pix are awesome too! I really never would've known it was from the iPhone. Thanks a lot for letting me know about the mistakes, I was like seriously this is the smallest full size hairspray ever! Travel size makes sense. You're great for research =)


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