Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glymm Box March 2012 Review

Delivery packaging:
The March 2012 Glymm box is the 2nd to arrive from this month after Topbox. Not a big difference in time, Topbox was yesterday and Glymm was today, so I feel like this will be quite a busy sample beauty box week. The Glymm box continues to be delivered by CanadaPost with tracking, in their signature pink cardboard delivery box.

Packaging itself:
The items arrive in the glossy pink rectangular Glymm box, with the Glymm brand in ribbon looking handwriting on the top lid. As usual, the products arrive wrapped up in white tissue, tied with a pretty white ribbon, with pink Glymm brand throughout.

Items inside the box:
  1. Glymm Spring Fling March 2012 Edition card: gives a description of all items included in the box
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills promotional card: exclusive offer for a free Hydrafull lip gloss ($27 value) and free shipping with the purchase of any 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills products at Offer exclusive to Glymm members and expires at 3PM EST on April 12, 2012.
  3. Ocean - Nail Polish (full size 15ml / 1/2 fl. oz. retail: $12.00) - *FULL SIZE* 
  4. M. Asam - Magic Fini (full size 30ml retail: $38.00) - 5ml / 0.169 fl. oz. SAMPLE
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Hydrafull Gloss (full size 2.2ml / 0.07 fl. oz. retail: $27.00) - 1.0ml / 0.03 fl.oz. SAMPLE
  6. Lise Watier - Flash Lift Radiance Vial (full size 1ml per vial retail $27.00 for 7 vials) - 1ml / 0.03 fl. oz. SAMPLE
  7. Nu.Me - Feather Hair Extensions (full size retail: 3/$25.00) - *FULL SIZE* 

Glymm Spring Fling March 2012 Edition card

Anastasia Beverly Hills promotional card

Ocean Nail Polish (colour name = 612 Bridal Veil)

M. Asam Magic Fini - evens complexion and controls shine

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss (colour name = Moi)

Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial

Nu.Me Feather Hair Extensions 

Ending box packaging:
It has come to the end of the March 2012 Glymm box. We see that the packaging for Glymm box is composed of white tissue paper, white crinkled paper strips and the white ribbon with pink Glymm branding on throughout it. Glymm is a contrast of white and pink. So girly!

Overall Thoughts:
3 months in a row without the Glymm Sweet jar full of yummy delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans! I suppose this means that it really is the end of this jar for the 2012 year. So sad! Alas, let's forget about the old and focus on the new. This is what I'm thinking about the March 2012 Glymm box.

Technically, there was only 4 items listed as being included in the March 2012 Glymm box as per the Glymm description card included. I suppose the unlisted Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial was a bonus item, though really it wasn't anything to be excited about and I could've done without. Firstly, this is due to the fact that I'm not really concerned with anti-aging as I have mentioned before and second, Glymm has actually included this exact sample in a previous box (Glymm box December 2011 Review). 

A few new brands that i'm not too familiar with was included in this box. The Anastasia brand I do know, though I thought they specialized more in eyes and eye brows. The gloss colour included in my Glymm box seems nice. I'm not too sure what the M. Asam product is. Never heard of the brand and the description wasn't too clear. From the looks of it, I would've assumed it was a sort of mud mask although from reading the description, it sounds like it could be some type of concealer or cream. The Ocean brand looks a little familiar like I've seen it in stores before, though it's a brand I've never used. It's ok, it's always nice to try out new nail polish brands. Only thing is that i'm a bit iffy on the colour. Not pure white, a bit on the creamy colour side. It's not a colour i'd normally choose as my first choice. Hope it works out well though. Finally, never heard of the Nu.Me brand either. Though I'm not a huge fan of the feather hair extensions, so that's not a surprise. As you can see I received the pink strands with black stripes. Practical? No. Wearable? Umm..Maybe. Sadly, I feel that there are a bit too much unknown brands and irrelevant items in this Glymm box for me.

Rating: B-

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.

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