Friday, April 20, 2012

Gift Wrapping 101 For Busy *cough* Lazy People

Last month was Connie's birthday and I didn't have time to figure out the gifting situation because of work. I eventually ended up getting her an iPad3 and wouldn't you know it. Work caught up to me again and I had to quickly think of a way to gift wrap it. 

Hopefully, this will how-gift-wrap primer can help other busy *cough* lazy people. 

Step 1:
Instead of using wrapping paper buy a gift online so it comes in a cardboard box. Pre wrapped in beige how can you not LOVE IT!

Forget the bows, ribbons, crinkles and all that other good stuff you've come to love about sample boxes. Instead grab your nearest stationary and create a custom work of art. 

In the below example I used a pink post it that Connie bought from the dollar store. These post it pads are so cheap they don't tear off the pad easily. *Shrug* I think it adds character and an asymmetrical design to the label. Luckily the top layer of the pad had a little flower decal in the middle. Most likely a water droplet that dried but hey I'll take what I can get. 

At this point I was about 10 seconds into the process and I realized that time was running out! Yikes I better hurry I thought. So I quickly drew a flower but in mid thought I remembered that gifts normally have a bow with ribbons coming out of it. Not to worry... if there is one thing I've learnt in the rapid pace of the advertising world it is that it is perfectly acceptable to revise a design in mid process. So a quick ribbon on both sides settled that design issue. 

Now for the type treatment. I was thinking of using my favourite serif type font called "Doctor's hand writing" but I ended up choosing something less fancy and time consuming like "Upper-case-serify-but-not-too-serif" for the label. Originally I was thinking I should shorten the word birthday to b-day but I thought I should really go all out here and put in the extra 4 characters.

Admire your handy work but remember don't admire it too long because you have better things to do with your time.

Update: Connie's on vacation right now and won't be back till Tuesday. So you'll have to wait until then for her reviews on some of the sample boxes that have come in. I've posted the pictures for comparison and also for Connie to see what she got. 

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