Friday, April 20, 2012

Julep April 2012 Spring Mystery Box

Delivery packaging:
This is my very FIRST mystery box from Julep! It's the one available for April 2012, aptly named the Julep Spring Mystery Box. It arrives in a black, square cardboard box with white Julep Maven printed on the side, just like the regular monthly Julep Maven subscriptions do.

It's just so cute and pretty! I love the theme they did and the colours really were just so SPRINGY! The products are wrapped in a hot pink paper bag, tied with a neon green ribbon. As well, there's matching neon green crinkled paper strips cushioning the items in the box with a lovely surprise of chocolate eggs and chocolate coins adding to the theme of the box.

Items inside the box:
  1. Julep Packaging Invoice: itemizes what's being delivered
  2. Julep Happy Spring card: lists ingredients and allergy warning for the chocolates included
  3. Julep Nail Vernis Melissa (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  4. Julep Nail Vernis Taylor (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  5. Julep Basecoat (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  6. Julep Nail Vernis Portia (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  7. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil (full size 8.2ml / .28 fl. oz. retail: $18.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  8. Chocolate eggs and coins - *Bonus*

Julep Packaging Invoice

Julep Happy Spring card

Julep Nail Vernis (colour name = Melissa) Sheer opalescent shimmer adds a soft glow when used alone and a high-fashion holographic effect when used over another color

Julep Nail Vernis (colour name = Taylor) Deep, sky blue crème
Please note: photo of Taylor shows it to be much darker and bluer than it really is. It's closer to a blue/dark lavender purple mix.

Julep Basecoat

Julep Nail Vernis (colour name = Portia) Sheer tropical blue with glittery sparkles

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

Chocolate eggs and coins 

Ending packaging:
Once everything is emptied out, we see that while the outside of the cardboard delivery box is black, on the inside it's still the standard brown cardboard. Until next time...

My impressions:
I've heard such great things about Julep Mystery Boxes that I just couldn't wait to sign up for it! How it works is that Julep randomly offers the mystery box promotions, though it seems like it's usually available for purchase during holidays or special occasions (so hopefully at least once a month). They offer limited quantities of these mystery boxes where every box includes at least $60 worth of Julep's best sellers, where if you're one of the lucky ones, this could increase to an amount of products that's worth up to $200 value! While these mystery boxes sell for $60, there's normally promo codes available so that you could receive the mystery boxes for $19.99. As a result, either way it's great value considering the fact that for $19.99, you receive a box between $60-$200 which in my mind is an awesome deal either way.

For the month of April in celebration of Spring, Julep had created the Spring Mystery Box. The promo code for this was SPRING. While I didn't get one of the big win mystery boxes (booo...) the minimum amount that was offered was still great. As well, since I haven't been with Julep that long, all the colours I received from this box, I didn't have yet (yay no duplicates!). The packaging is super pretty and creative, where the chocolates added just the right touch for the Easter season. It's just so cute, like chocolate eggs hidden within the grass! I'm really glad that I'll have the opportunity to try the Julep Basecoat though too bad I didn't get a Topcoat with it as well. I wonder if I used only the Julep brand for the nail process whether the nail polish will last longer. Either way, I really LOVE the mystery of these Julep Mystery Boxes and I'd definitely recommend on joining in on the fun =)

Rating: A+

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.

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