Friday, April 6, 2012

Julep April 2012 Review

Delivery Packaging:
Julep April 2012 Box (Classic with a Twist) arrived SUPER quick this time around! While Julep comes in from the USA to Canada, it's already got the delivery time beat in comparison to all the sample beauty box subscriptions that are located in Canada itself, even Topbox which is normally the first box to arrive every month. The Julep box arrives in a square black cardboard box with the white Julep Maven name and brand on it's side. The shipping method used was USPS First Class Mail International, without tracking once outside of the U.S.A. Normally Julep takes an estimated 7-10 business days to be delivered and if it's outside the United States, it may take even longer than that. Lucky for me, shipping was quick this month and I really like it that they mail out the boxes at the end of March for the April box rather than waiting until April itself.

Packaging itself:
SO VERY ADORABLE this month!!! I love that Julep changes their packaging to suit the occasion. It keeps things interesting and creative. This Julep April 2012 box is so cute! With the use of the green crinkled paper strips that reminds me of grass and the gorgeous bright colours of the hot pink paper bag tied with lime green ribbon, it gives such a spring-ish feel! I definitely like! As well, the special touch of adding extra easter eggs within the box is so sweet, both literally and figuratively speaking =) 

Items inside the box:
  1. Julep Maven Classic with a Twist card: gives a description of all products included in the box
  2. Julep Maven Chocolate Eggs card: lists ingredients and allergy warning
  3. Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever! (full size 60ml / 2 fl. oz. retail: $22.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  4. Julep Nail Vernis Susie (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  5. Julep Nail Vernis Mandy (full size 8ml / .27 fl. oz. retail: $14.00) - *FULL SIZE*
  6. Julep Toe Separators - 2 x Bonus 
  7. Julep Make-Up Bag ($18 value) - Complimentary Welcome Gift (This has not arrived as of yet, it's on it's way. Will update with photos upon arrival)

Julep Maven Classic with a Twist card

Julep Maven Chocolate Eggs card

Julep The Best Pedi Creme Ever

Julep Nail Vernis (colour name = Susie) Mint green creme
Julep Nail Vernis (colour name = Jennifer) Deep coral pink creme

Julep Toe Separators

While I stuck with my Julep Maven Classic with a Twist box this month, the other styles of Julep Maven boxes available for April 2012 were:

My Thoughts:
This Julep April 2012 box was really great! The shipping was speedy and the packaging was really sweet and festive. They also had an Add Ons Promotion (Julep April 2012 Add Ons) going on this month where you could get EXTRA April Maven box products for just $4.99 each (up to 2 products and if you skip your April Maven box, the add on selection is cancelled). I like that Julep changes things up and has different promotions and such. It maintains an air of surprise and mystery for these boxes =)

The only thing I found a bit strange is that my order was broken up into 3 shipments. One is for the actual Julep April 2012 box, another was for the Julep Make-Up Bag (which is great that they realized it was missing and rectified it immediately) and a third shipment was for my Julep April add ons. I don't mind the separate orders so much since 2 of the 3 arrived a day apart from one another, it's just that I'm assuming shipping on their end isn't so cheap as to deliver to Canada 3 times for one order. If it's due to the orders being separate and that's why it arrived so quick, yay for me!

The Julep $0.01 promotion is still going on. For anyone who is interested or has thought about giving Julep a try, this promotion is a great way to start. For a single PENNY, you can receive your first Julep box where you have the option to cancel or if you choose to continue it's like a magazine subscription which gets delivered every month for $19.99/month. The good thing is that you have options. Either do nothing and your Julep Maven Style Box is sent out to you or your other 3 choices are:  Skip the Month, Try a New Style, or Send to a Friend. The promo codes for the penny promotion are COLOR12, SHAREONMARCH, and PENNY. They're different codes, but produce the same end results. If you are interested in giving Julep a try, if you'd like to be so kind as to use my referral link, this will give me the opportunity to earn a free subscription. Thank you so much in advance! =)

I found that the colours included in this box was really pretty, springy and trendy. I like the colours, though I think I have a shade similar to Julep's Susie already, but the mint green is such a nice colour. The Pedi Creme is great for me since I do love and need lotions and creams. Though it was looks a bit smaller than expected, though this could be due to my comparing the Pedi Creme with the Glycolic Hand Scrub that I had received in last month's Julep March 2012 box. Overall, I liked this April box and Add On promotion a LOT!

Rating: A

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.


  1. I am super confused for this. Do I just pick the box I want and it charges me again, because I signed up and I don't think they have sent me an April box, it just says pending invoice :(

    1. Hey! Sorry to hear that you're having issues. =(
      Since you signed up already you really don't have to do anything, it's automatic. They send you an email on the 20th of each month to show you a preview of what you'll get in the next month's box so that you can decide what you want to do. Remember, it's only between the 20th-24th period in the month where you make any changes you want, whether it is to skip, try a new maven style, or send to a friend. If you do nothing, they'll automatically just mail out your maven style box that they showed you in the email on the 27th.
      In your case, DON"T choose and purchase another box. From what you're saying, the only thing I think is happening is a line I saw on their "About Julep Maven" page (
      *Mavens who sign up for their introductory box after the 18th will be charged for their first monthly box on the 27th of the following month.
      Did you sign up after March 18? If that's the case, I think they'll be charging you on April 27th and that's why your invoice is still pending and I don't think you'll be receiving the April box out right now. Did you receive your $0.01 introductory box?
      If you're still worried and just want to double check, you can call them or send them an email. I sent them an email recently inquiring about an outstanding charge issue and they were super quick to respond and in solving the issue. (I think they responded within 1 day and this was during the long weekend holiday)
      I hope that this has helped you a bit and if anything, totally feel free to ask anytime! I'll try to help as much as I can. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a newbie myself still...but we'll get through this together =)

  2. haha thanks hunn! I didn't get an e-mail with a preview for the next months box because I think I signed up after the 18th. I got my .01 box (thanks to you!). I'll e-mail them and see what happens, thanks! :)

    1. No probs! Well i'm glad you got your intro box. Thanks for joining the club! lol. Did you like it? Which Maven Style are you? You should post about yours too! Well hope that everything goes well with them, though I'm sure it will. Anything else you need, just let me know!

  3. I mean it was alright, the polish itself I found had a very short wear time. I just picked the one that came with three polish cause I didn't need a scrub or anything :P

    I get Glymm Box, Luxe & Glossy. I was a little upset with the long shipping time for Glossy, but oh my it was so great that I was impressed enough with it to continue. Luxe has had it's good months and it's bad, and last month was my first month for Glymm and it was disappointing to say the least and I am already considering cancelling.

    I see you went to the Umbra sale, I assume you're also in the GTA then? Have you ever been to the MAC/Estee Sale?

    1. Yeah I know what you mean with Julep. I do wonder if it depends on which polish you use though, because I find depending on which colour and the consistency, some lasts longer than others. The neat thing is that Julep has partnered up so that Sephora stocks them now. (Though, i don't know if this is just in the US or Canada too).

      Glossy was great for March, you're lucky you didn't get the first one in February where it didn't even have ANY full size, that was disappointing. Glymm & Luxe really is quite hit or miss, sorta a gamble but I locked myself in for the year for both already so we'll see how it plays out. That's the thing I liked about those two. They give you a bit of a discount for subscribing for the year so I didn't mind so much.

      Yes I am in the GTA! You too? I've been to the MAC/Estee sale waaay back when the prices were really cheap compared to now. Haven't gone for awhile and when I tried to get tickets recently, turns out my friend can't get them anymore. SO sad! =( Oh wells, I guess it's not meant to be and a good way to save. On the bright side, I was able to go to the L'Oreal sale that was going on recently, though I didn't get anything because I didn't need much and the prices weren't amazing or anything. Thanks for reminding me to post about it, though I might not depending on how bad the pictures turned out, haven't even looked at it yet. Have you been to either/both of the MAC or L'Oreal sale?

  4. Yes Ma'am. I actually work for Estee Lauder Manufacturing so I don't go too often anymore because going every three months becomes a little much haha.

    I have never been to the L'Oreal Sale, I would be interested in trying it just to see what the other side has to offer you know. How often do they have that one?

    I'd really like to try topbox but still on the waiting list! I am giving Glymm one more chance this month, if it isn't stepped up then I will just keep Luxe & Glossy.

    1. OMG! That's awesome! We can totally be each other's makeup sale ticket suppliers! lol. We should definitely do trades. It'll be fun. You're lucky you get to work there, no wonder you love makeup!

      The L'Oreal sales are twice a year I think, unless they upped it. Though it should just be in Spring and Fall. It's usually in the same location in North York area. The good thing about them is that their sale lasts a lot longer, 1 month compared to just a weekend for MAC. As well, their tickets are valid for 2 visits, where 2 people can go in with 1 ticket, provided you don't spend over the maximum $ limit. So it's pretty good to go to. =)

      Yeah, having all the boxes are sorta a lot. Especially since you sometimes get duplicates or really similar items from them. It's fun to get them and I like posting about them. I just got really lucky with the Topbox one because after the month that I subscribed, I noticed that they started doing the wait list thing, which suuuucks! Do you have any idea when you'll get Topbox? Even though it's wait list, do they give you an idea when it would start?


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