Friday, April 20, 2012

Luxe Box April 2012 First In Line Issues

I'm on "First In Line" duty for Connie while she is away. Yesterday was the official day but for whatever reason their system failed. They sent out a mass mail requesting people to book time slots. My guess is they got their servers stress tested for the first time and it just failed due to the massive load increase.

Since I'm always burning the midnight oil I decided to book for 9am-12p. From what I recall when you reserve a product you will get a confirmation message after you've reserved. If you went back into the product line up you would see a message that says the product has been reserved. 

You won't see this happening in this month's line up! I ended up reserving twice to see why I'm not getting any confirmation. Instead I get redirected to a facebook page and I'm left wondering if I have to log in through facebook in order to complete the process.

I ended up looking through the code to see how the submission were being handled and from what I could tell it was being served up using survey monkey. Basically the whole thing is a survey and they are compiling a list of product reservations. 

The issue is Luxe Box will see this as 2 requests and they stipulated in their email that "You are only allowed to select one product. Please note that if you select multiple products, we cannot guarantee  your selection."


  1. I ended up submitting twice as well because of the Facebook page. I thought I accidentally closed the window before submitting my request. But I feel their email meant selecting two different products and not so much resubmitting the same product. I hope I get the panty by post!!

    1. Sounds like you should be fine. In my case I selected the same product but different styles. So it might count as two submissions for both the thong and the hipster. Not really my problem but I am interested in seeing how Luxe plans to make the next "First in line" more of a solid user experience.

      BUT if it does come in I'm going to have to dig up that old Sisco track and blast that "Thong" song.


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