Friday, April 20, 2012

Topbox April 2012 Review


  1. I love Topbox so much, but I decided to unsubscribe to it. I've been with so many different beauty subscription companies with a little bit more than 6 months and I think my sample collection is getting a little out of hand. What do you do with unused products you don't like? I tried contacting a Women's shelter but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

    Once again, LOVE your pictures!

    1. Aww..that's sad to hear. Why'd you decide to unsubscribe to Topbox rather than the other beauty subscriptions? Is it because it doesn't lock you in the subscription for 1 year compared to some of the other ones? You sure you want to? Just because I know that Topbox is one of the ones that has a wait list that's been going on for the longest time so that if you were to change your mind, it could take awhile to get back on again.

      I totally understand about the growing sample collection situation. It doesn't bother me so much other than the times when the samples start duplicating. Fortunately, most of the samples I have liked so far. BUT when I don't like something or if it's not relevant to me (ie. anti-age) I'll mainly share with my mom or with friends/family, that kinda thing. As well, if I think that the samples wouldn't really be of any interest to people, i'll save them up for times when I go travelling so that in addition to monetary gifts to staff, I would leave them samples as well. Of course, this totally depends on where you are travelling to since you have to take into account their lifestyle/situation to determine whether they'd actually appreciate/use the samples.

      That is SO sweet and thoughtful of you to donate them to a women's shelter. I'm surprised they aren't jumping at the opportunity and that they're making you wait since I'd figure they'd appreciate any help they can get, no matter how big or small. Just wondering, but do you know whether samples have a shorter lifespan than full-size products?

      I'm glad you enjoy the pictures, especially considering the fact that I haven't had a chance to write anything for the posts recently. Though, I can't complain since Conner was at least willing to take the photos and post it. I love your pix too! Especially your nail art. You are so creative and talented!!! =)


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