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Luxe Box April 2012 Review

Luxe Box April 2012 has arrived at last! It arrives on the same day as GlossyBox Canada April 2012. Not the greatest since that means they BOTH were the last beauty sample box monthly subscriptions to arrive and that they barely made it to be within the month of April! CanadaPost with tracking is the delivery method used where the Luxe Box is delivered in the familiar brown cardboard box, with a flip open lid that has "Loose Button" and website around its sides. Luxe Box has never really been the quickest of the bunch but slowly it seems to be taking longer to arrive. I'm assuming this is due to them shipping out later.

The packaging is pretty standard this month with Luxe Box's signature black and white colour combination theme going on. 

Items inside the box:
  1. Luxe Box April Edition card: includes message and lists and gives description of all products included
  2. Luxe Box card: new product feedback card
  3. Pantene - Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner (full size Shampoo 375ml retail: $6.00, full size Conditioner 375 ml retail: $6.00) - Shampoo 50ml / 1.7 fl. oz. SAMPLE, Conditioner 50ml / 1.7 fl. oz. SAMPLE
  4. Fekkai Advanced - Technician Colour Care Mask (full size 200ml retail: $39.00) - 8.6g / 0.3 oz. SAMPLE
  5. Seche Vite - Nail Polish (full size 15ml retail: $8.00) - 3.6ml / .125 fl. oz. SAMPLE (although card reads FULL SIZE)
  6. Canadian Cancer Society - Daffodil Pin *Bonus*
  7. Panty by Post - Panty (Single Panty: $12 - $30 & Subscriptions: $216 = 12 months, $114 = 6 months, $60 = 3 months) - 1 single panty *FULL SIZE*

Luxe Box April Edition card

Luxe Box product feedback card

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioner

Fekkai Advanced Technician Colour Care Mask

Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Pin
Seche Vite Nail Polish (type = Dry Fast Top Coat)

Panty by Post Panty (style = Thong, brand = chic by Change)

Ending box packaging:
As per the norm, Luxe Box had used black tissue paper and black crinkled papers strips to package the contents. The only difference that was discovered upon emptying the box is that instead of the bottom of the box being white, it was actually black this time! Not sure what difference this change makes or if there's any meaning to it at all but I suppose that time will tell.

Overall thoughts:
I didn't want to post this April 2012 Luxe Box right away because seriously when it arrived, I was SO disappointed! There really wasn't much in it, just a few random little samples that were totally NOT deluxe samples. While the Fekkai brand is great, the product they gave me was not so great since I don't colour my hair. The Pantene brand is good, not very luxe but at least the size is great for travel. The Seche Vite nail polish they had listed as being a full size product to be included, but it was SO not. It was just a mini bottle version. Normally, Luxe Box always includes at least 1 full size item and after my GlossyBox April 2012 issue of having a missing item, I was worried that it was happening with this Luxe Box as well. Luckily, upon reading the Luxe Box April Edition card that lists what's supposed to be included, it turns out that on the bright side, I got what I wanted from the Luxe Box April 2012 First in Line program (a whole other issue with that) which was the Panty by Post. On the other hand, it was not included with the box and it would be shipped out separately, where it'll arrive in 1-2 weeks. 

When the Panty by Post finally did arrive, which was a full 1 week in my case, it made this Luxe Box worth it! Without this Panty by Post, this box would've been a bit of a dud! The Panty by Post (PBP) is a monthly subscription itself. How it works is that it's $30/month (though depending on the subscription you choose whether it be 3 months, 6 months, or a year, the price decreases) you receive a pretty French panty in the mail monthly. It's a neat idea. I had heard about this PBP description when they first started but I wasn't too interested considering the fact that $30 for one pair of panties each month that I wasn't sure if I'd like the style of, was not very appealing. I already have so many panties to the point where I could have a different one for each day of the year. For myself, it really was not a necessity to subscribe to Panty by Post. That being said, I do LOVE that I was able to get it in my Luxe Box so that I was able to try Panty by Post out and see for myself. The results were that while I did love PBP in Luxe Box and it made the value of my Luxe Box that much more awesome but as a subscription itself, I would not join. Yes, the panties were comfy and made of pretty nice feeling material. Did it look very french, fancy and/or unique? No, not so much. Would I pay $30 for the panty that I received? No, I definitely would not have. I might pay $10-15 for it but for sure I would not pay $30. Even though I'm not crazy about the Panty by Post subscription, I might just give them one more try since they have promotion going on where for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, select the package 1 Single Panty on their shop page and get it for $10 TOTAL (no tax and no shipping fee) by entering the code SAMPLEPANTY in the coupon field at checkout. Their referral program is a bit different from other companies, where in order to claim it, you have to email them the full name and email of whomever you referred. If you are planning to subscribe to Panty by Post or thinking about giving them a try by participating in their promotion, if you could be so kind as to emailing me at, your full name and email so that I could inform them about referring you, that would be much appreciated! Thanks SO much in advance!

Overall, I really liked how Luxe Box made this box a bit different by giving subscribers a chance to try out another subscription service. I understand their reasoning of why the Panty by Post had to be delivered separate from the Luxe Box due to hygiene reasons but still, I didn't like that too much. It delayed the entirety of the box (and delayed my post) and it just made the Luxe Box look pretty skimpy without the PBP in it. I would have rated it an A but taking everything into consideration, including the  delays and First in Line issues, I have to round down a bit.

Rating: B+

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.


  1. WOW you got a really nice pair panty! Mine is just plain blue. I emailed PBP regarding their referral and apparently you only get the referral gift if they subscribe for 3+ month and the promo doesn't count.

    This is the reply that I got:
    "I have to mention in advance, the gift is offered when a customer buys a subscription. Our sample panties don't really count, though we haven't made that clear in a fine print way. I hope you understand this."

    1. Thanks! Yeah the pattern on it is pretty but $30 pretty if I were to subscribe? I dunno...Also, when I saw that the brand was chic by Change, I was like i'm pretty sure the Change stores we have here aren't that pricey. It's just for that amount I think i'd rather get like Hanky Panky or some other brand that's similar to that. I actually liked yours a lot. The blue looks nice, especially with the mermaid/underwater colour trend going on right now and yours looked super comfy! AND you got yours a lot faster than I did. Thanks for giving me an update on the PBP referral. I knew the referral couldn't be that easy to get and it was really vague. Are you gonna do the PBP promo?

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    Sorry for the spam, I realize I made a mistake on my last post ahah

    - Samantha

    1. No problemo! I lover yours too! So I only partially did the "get to know me tag" but at least I did it right? =)
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