Monday, May 28, 2012

Panty by Post SAMPLEPANTY Promotion

Delivery packaging:
My Panty by Post deal has arrived! After being able to experience my first Panty by Post through one of the beauty sample box subscriptions (Luxe Box April 2012 Review), Panty by Post had also sent out an email in celebration of Mother's Day where for new customers only, the 1 Single Panty package can be purchased for a total of $10 (no tax and no shipping fee) by entering in the promo code SAMPLEPANTY. The packaging for delivery is oh so pretty, in a pretty flat cardboard envelope, with a white and grey floral motif going on.

Inside the package:
There are information and advertisement cards from Panty by Post included within the delivery envelope and they use tissue paper to wrap up the mystery panty. The tissue seems to vary since the one I had received previously in the April 2012 Luxe Box was a white tissue with designs in gold all over it whereas this time, the tissue is a tan/light brown colour with black designs all over.

Panty by Post info/advertisement cards

Panty by Post Panty (brand = Blush)

Overall Thoughts:
I really do like the Panty by Post experience. It's fun and I just LOVE to receive things in the mail, that's probably why I like to subscribe to these subscription services. While Panty by Post is great, by far it is one of the pricer subscription services around. Magazine subscriptions might cost around $12-$20 per year. The beauty sample box subscriptions range from $10-$20 per month. The Panty by Post subscription is $18-$30 per month, depending on which package you subscribe to. Unfortunately, I do think that a single panty for $18-$30 is on the pricier side, especially if it's a mystery one where it's a bit too risk for me since I might not like the style or colour.

That being said, I do love the SAMPLEPANTY promotion that they provided. It's a great value for $10 flat total. The 1 Single Panty package that I had chose was the "mix (no thongs)" since I had already received a thong version in my April 2012 Luxe Box, I wanted to see the different types of panty that can be received. The one that Panty by Post chose to send out to me was this pretty red lace panty by the brand Blush. It looks a bit bigger than regular size panty (it's definitely not a low rise panty), though I think this is how it's supposed to look with the lace sitting higher on the body to be more decorative and fancy. It's a quality panty for sure and I totally have faith in the Blush brand since I own quite a few Blush panties in my collection already. For $10 this Blush panty is an awesome deal but for $18-$30, not so much since it's approximately how much Blush panties retail for. If I'm to pay retail for it, I think I'd like to choose the exact style and design that I want. Panty by Post is definitely a cool concept but value wise, it's a bit on the iffy side.

*I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I am just a major beauty enthusiast. All photos are provided courtesy of Connor.

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