Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ParaNorman Goodie Bag

Connie and I had the opportunity to go see ParaNorman twice. The first time we went we brought along our niece and nephew who enjoyed the movie immensely. We had a lot of fun filling out the surveys which would help improve the movie if it needed improving. Everyone who came to the event received a pack of Silly Bandz which the kids went nuts over.

This is a bit off topic but how does someone pitch an idea like that. I imagine it probably went something like this, "Hey guys I've got an amazing idea! We're going to make elastic bands... wait for it... in the shape of random animals and shapes!" The whole room erupts in applause and you can see a guy in the corner mouthing the words F#!kin Genius with a tear coming out of his eye.

Back on topic, the second time we went to watch ParaNorman I was wondering if the movie had changed in anyway from our feedback. This time we brought an older crowd in the 50s-60s and it turned out to be a hit with the older crowd as well. I wasn't able to tell any noticeable edits in the movie in regards to scenes being added or subtracted. So the overall experience, the first time around, must have been really good.

On our second screening Connie won a bag with an art book about the making of ParaNorman and a pair of zombie slippers from the movie. The movie comes out August 17th which is this week. I'd definitely recommend it as a good watch especially for children. It touches on an important topic that most children deal with at one point in time while growing up.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inside The Closet - Connie's Shoe Collection

Connie's shoe collection averages over 110 pairs of foot wear that is more then 220 individual shoes! Keep in mind this collection was built up over the course of 10 or more years and had little to do with my contributions which is the one pair in the corner.

GlossyBox Canada June 2012 Review

Delivery packaging:
GlossyBox Canada June 2012 has been delivered and as usual it comes basically in the last day of the month. At least it's consistent in that sense that delivery time is expected approximately at the end of the month. Unlike the changes in delivery packaging for some of the other beauty boxes, GlossyBox is still being delivered in their signature dark chocolate brown cardboard box with pretty pastel pink GlossyBox logos printed all over it.

U by Kotex Freebie

I had signed up with Walmart for a limited sample set of U by Kotex and this is what I received in the mail.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glymm Box June 2012 Review

Delivery packaging:
Glymm Box June 2012 has arrived and it's delivered in the new standard white cardboard box that is sealed with a black sticker with Glymm all over in a yellow gold colour. It's still delivered by Canada Post and while it's not the first out of all the beauty boxes to arrive, it's quite consistent in its delivery time.

Topbox June 2012 Review

Delivery packaging:
Topbox June 2012 is the second box to arrive for the month of June. The delivery packaging has not changed for Topbox. It is still being delivered by CanadaPost with tracking and arrives in the familiar Topbox cylinder tube shape. What I do like about Topbox is that they allow you to choose each month whether to receive their original standard design or their eco-friendly design. For me, I usually just choose the eco-friendly brown version since it's the tube itself that I care for, not too picky on the design.

Julep June 2012 Review

*Side note* 
Before posting, I'd just like to say that as you may have noticed, I had taken a tiny hiatus from blogging for a bit. So sorry! My only excuse is that I think with the arrival of the summer weather, it had put me in slacker mode. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the next post =)

Delivery Packaging:
First up for the month of June is Julep as usual! My Julep June 2012 Box (Classic with a Twist) came in the standard black square cardboard box with the Julep Maven brand on the side.
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