Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inside The Closet - Connie's Shoe Collection

Connie's shoe collection averages over 110 pairs of foot wear that is more then 220 individual shoes! Keep in mind this collection was built up over the course of 10 or more years and had little to do with my contributions which is the one pair in the corner.

Let me take you on a tour of Connie's shoe collection corner.

This is what it looks like when you enter into Connie's shoe collection. The bottom of the shelf is less then 4" high which can only accommodate flip flops. To the left is an ottoman for Connie to sit down and try on her shoes. Beside that are rain boots which I have kept out to be accessible if it starts raining.

Here's another vantage point near the rain boots. You'll notice that Connie uses the ottoman as a landing strip for her bag(s) when she comes back from work or shopping. Sometimes it can be covered with so much stuff you can't really sit down.

I've cleared off her bags and random papers to show you what it's suppose to look like if you had space to sit down and try on shoes.

In an effort to utilize the space effectively I've also put all the oversized or thigh-high shoes inside the ottoman. Instead of using the dust bags that came with each shoe I decided to use all the LuLuLemon reusable bags to encase each shoe. I then clipped the tops of the bags to ensure that no dust got into the bags. It's mostly full with just a few extra bags for future scalability should she buy more shoes. It was also a great way to use up all the bags she has accumulated over time.

I wanted to give you a vantage point of what it looks like when you are standing inside the shoe collection.

This is what the upper section looks like. I've moved one of our Tokidoki poster's to fill up the negative space on the wall. I kind of like this poster because it adds a nice feel to the space.

Connie's shoe collection is about 7.5' tall from top to bottom. For her it is much too high to reach the top shelves which is why I built it beside a stair well. This allows the shoe collection to be accessed from both sides without the aid of a ladder.

I know Connie didn't want me showing off her collection but I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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