Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Kingston 8 GB USB sticks

Not sure how we got these but Connie says if you liked their Facebook page you ended up getting 8GB memory sticks for their 25th anniversary. Never knew they've been around that long. I remember building my first PC with Kingston ram haha... man do I feel old now.

Microsoft Surface at Grand Opening Store Yorkdale

Last friday was the grand opening event of the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale. I'm always in doors and I have no sense of time, day or weather. Naturally I didn't dress warm enough to line up at 6am in the morning. Lineups were suppose to start at 6am but for some reason there was an insane amount of people there. Luckily Microsoft's line up was on the inside of Yorkdale where it was nice and toasty. I'll let Connie tell the story about all the craziness at the grand opening of Yorkdale's new wing. But while we were in the lineup we did something called the "Bing-it-on" test which was to test Bing's search capabilities vs Google's and in the end you get a $25 off anything* in the store card.

Free Square Credit Card Readers at IMATS

Last weekend I was dragged to IMATS convention down at the Toronto Congress Centre. I'm actually glad I went to the trade show because I ended up getting a pair of Square card readers. If you're not familiar with Square card readers they allow you to accept credit card transactions directly from your iPhone. Very handy in any situation where you need to close a sale and the only method of payment is credit card. There is a transaction fee of 2.75% per transaction which isn't so bad if you don't do a lot of large transactions. Intuit GoPayment the makers of Quickbooks and tax software is also giving away free card readers with transaction fees of 2.70%. I might look into picking up a pair of those as well.

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