About Us

"The heart wants what the heart wants..."

This site is about the things that the heart wants the most and that thing we want the most usually resides at the bottom of a box. Most of the stories on the site will be from my point of view until Connie warms up to the idea of sharing some of her own stories. Connie's against the idea of sharing her secrets but I'll try to reveal as much as I can without getting shiv'ed.

Who is Connie & Connor?
Connie & Connor are pet names we gave each other which originally stemmed from playful debates with each other. Involving both sides playing cons, where we try to justify a want for a need by exploiting each others weaknesses until a point is reached where we call BS on each other. The conversation usually ends up sounding like a grade school debate.

Connor: "Don't try to con me Connie!"
Connie: "YooooOOU don't try to con me Connor!"
Connor: "Connie!"*
Connie: "Connor!"*
*repeat x amount of times until satisfied

This would go on for a few minutes until we break out laughing at each other and ever since then we call each other Connie & Connor whenever we feel a con is being played. We are financially independent from each other. So the whole idea of debating with each other is really just pointless fun. If you've ever tried to justify a want as a need aka "the con" than chances are you could also be a "Connie" or "Connor".

"Money can't buy you happiness..." 

...says the person who doesn't know where to shop.

Connie definitely knows where to shop! As for me I'm just happy enough being with Connie.


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